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There are two things at work here. First, the smaller integral sign is displayed in $ delimited inline text-style, so the \displaystyle is needed to obtain the larger sign. Secondly, the default for the CM font is to have the integral limit to the right, rather than below, the integral. One can overcome that with \limits, as shown below. \documentclass{...


After your bibliography insert a blank line as Chapter and write your chapter title. Then use de menu entry Document->Start appendix and that will make the trick. In your TOC the chapters in the appendix box will appear after the bibliography and using letters instead of numbers.


I had the same problem. For me reconfiguring tools (tools>reconfigure) did the trick.


Try installing Better BibTeX. With this extension you can export your library to BibTeX and set it to automatically update when you edit your database. To my knowledge, what you ask can be done only with this extension.


Without a real MWE to test, maybe is more complex that this, but ... Select with the mouse the gray box BibTeX Generated Bibliography (a blue background should appear). Right-click (a floating menu should be showed). Select Paragraphs Settings ... In Line Spacing menu, select Single Click on Apply or OK The Source Code Pane (menu View) then should show ...


I had the same problem, and what worked for me is a variant of Dmitry Zotikov's solution : just commenting out some lines didn't do it for me (I've no clue why!). Instead, I just renamed this file : /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml --> /etc/ImageMagick-6/old-policy.xml and now LyX handles pdf files nicely again. Now, have I just created some horrible security ...

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