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Note that the path would be different for the new version of MacTex since 2021: To quote: MacTeX writes a symbolic link /Library/TeX/texbin which indirectly points to the TeX Live binary directory. Configure your GUI programs to use this link. The GUI programs we supply should automatically configure themselves. ...


I did find a solution to this error which involved installing XQuartz1 on to my mac which appeared to have fixed the issue.


Pandoc ( is currently the best option for converting LaTeX to other formats. You could covert it to PowerPoint by installing Pandoc and typing in the command line pandoc mydocument.tex -s -o mydocument.pptx, replacing mydocument.tex with the name of the file. It doesn't work flawlessly, but nothing really does, as LaTeX is difficult to ...


For anyone still confused, the GUIs installed with homebrew can be found in the /Applications/TeX folder. Searching TeX with Cmd + [Space] will not find the nested programs by default. Source: What Is Installed? (Section 3 GUI Applications)

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