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Align a figure to the left in a column in beamer

There are 3 sources of spaces: If you use the column environment without special options, then there won't be any margins on the page. Instead a \hfill is placed before, between and after the columns....'s user avatar
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Stock size, trim size, bleed area, safety margin -- Memoir

I have used print-on-demand, more than once. Although I use my own custom document class, this advice is generally applicable: The "safety" zone is a term used by printers, not TeX. It is ...
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How to set the distance between the top of the page and the table of contents, list of figures and tables to 2.5cm

(I rewrote this answer significantly after receiving a comment from the OP, which indicated that -- contrary to the impression created by the OP's code fragments -- interest lies in the report ...
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