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The main part of this question is a duplicate of e.g. this one, and the answer is: "use trig format=rad". However, there is an interesting side aspect: how can one add the plane. This can be done by letting TikZ find the intersection points of the outer boundaries of the surface numerically (in a \savebox) and then drawing the plot step by step to have 3d ...


Short answer: Just write \mu in your xlabel. Matlab can understand some TeX syntax, see (though this does not mean it actually uses TeX). Addition: as you will see from the Matlab documentation, you can make Matlab use LaTeX to typeset text, with the 'Interpreter', 'LaTeX' ...


You should probably checkout the pgfplots package, it allows plotting using math functions or external data tables inside latex code. In my opinion, the result is way better than creating the plots in Matlab and then importing them to your file. Of course, it is compatible with the siunitx package and is consistent with font type and size.

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