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The translation procedure is described in this article: In short: if this is a new language (e.g., "French"): submit an issue: "add new language: fr" use Git to get the source code edit .ts files (Qt Linguist) edit .po files (GNU gettext utilities) push your changes and create a GitHub pull request


I have posted the new code. Regard row borders, it doesn't matter, as I had resolved in the previous code that I had posted earlier. The column's head with a long name doesn't show its full text (i.e., Environmental scale & sample size). I tried changing the column width, but it remains the same. Also, as you see from the picture in each column and row (...


Thanks for the suggestions. I updated Miktex and used pdflatex, and used the lmodern package but I still had T3Font_0 which was not embedded. I ended up finding what was the problem: I compiled chapter by chapter to see when I was getting the T3Font. It appeared that it came from a .eps figure for some reason (all the previous .eps figures were totally fine)....

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