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Qt platform plugin not found since updating MiKTeX

I can't comment yet, but running miktex --admin packages update on the command line fixed this problem for me, using Windows 10. See this answer from @Michi31.
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texlive miktex conflict - texhash

On installing texlive from tug you should have put the texlive bin directory, most likely /usr/local/texlive/2024/bin/x86_64-linux at the front of your PATH. If you have done that it makes no ...
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MiKTeX Console fails to start after update of package miktex-qt5-bin-x64

If miktex packages update didn't work for you (like it was in my case, moreover, I even was unable to uninstall MikTeX because of the same error) then try miktex --admin packages update. Probably, ...
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