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Having trouble fitting Title Page onto a single page

Inch is a large & fixed unit to be used with \vspace here. Try using elastic lengths. Try \vspace*{3\bigskipamount} at the top instead of \vspace*{0.5in} and \vspace{2\medskipamount} instead of \...
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LaTex: Small table, that should be flush left, is indenting to the right

As was already mentioned in comments, instead of two block of code, you should provide an MWE (Minimal working Example), a small but complete document, which reproduce your problem. IN its preamble ...
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LaTex: Small table, that should be flush left, is indenting to the right

I found a solution. There is a parameter to the colspec for the table. The following table definition, does the trick: \subsection{Software blows up after starting} % \label{JIRA-3079} \begin{tblr}{...
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Converting Word or Excel tables to Latex

I was looking for the most easiest solution, I like this better, check it out. Link below.
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Package inputenc Error: Invalid UTF-8 byte 147

For TexStudio users (and surely TexMaker too): I had a similar problem when using an empty text file created in Linux to write LaTeX code. Watch out the encoding at the lower bar on the right side. It ...'s user avatar
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WinEdt wrongly displaying cyrilic

You should go to "document" -> "document settings", then "cp-converter" tab and choose appropriate format. In my case ANSI with code page "1251 Windows 3.1 ...
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Pandoc and MikTeX

Mostly plagiarized from the manual page description: Pandoc Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library. Pandoc can ...
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MikTex update destroy the installation

I had the same problem across three win 10 machines. A complete re-installation of MiKTeX solved the problem. It did require manual removal of the old files, as the installation program complained ...
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MiKTeX Console fails to start after update of package miktex-qt5-bin-x64

Try running the software in Admin mode (in the Overview panel, click on "Switch to MiKTeX administrator mode") before checking for updates.
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How to use LaTeX on VS Code?

I would like to suggest a much more convenient and yet complete solution, as I use LaTeX on VS Code myself: I have built this repository for beginners as well ...
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