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How do I get biblatex and biber to work with MikTex?

After some initial problems I was able to run biber from the command line and read the messages. It was consistently stopping on the first syntax error and writing a message referring to a temporary ...
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Latex Error: 'Sweave.sty' not found?

On Mac, according this suggestion. Bring up the a folder with the .sty files that you need to copy (from within the R framework): cd /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/share/texmf/tex open -a ...
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LaTeX glossaries \glsfirst{} not showing long text with MikTeX but on overleaf

Had a similar problem that could be solved by loading the package glossaries-extra instead of glossaries. In addition, the abbreviation style has to be defined, e.g. to gain the form "...
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Cannot install MiKTeX in 2022 on a new PC under Windows 10 or Windows 11

General note, to all users of recent Windows (10+): If your system refuses to install MiKTeX, The first place to ask is at the MiKTeX site. If nobody else is having the same problem, and you are sure ...
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Texmaker can't compile "pdflatex: Bad parameter value. pdflatex: Data: font_mem_size"

Last tip: immediately after running the program press File > New then press play button. Then search and open your file, CLOSE THE COPLILED PDF WINDOW, and press play. Now it works (after many ...
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Missing LaTeX fonts used in Anki. Where can I find libertineMono-type1?

From ANKI app menu, select: Tools > kind of note > option , then edit the header:
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I can't get minted package to work under MikTeX in Windows

All right, so as it turns out, minted is a package that requieres Python installed with the package "Pygments" included. I happen to use Anaconda for python, so I had to modify the "...
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The result of \sTrue is drawn with left margin in struktex structured chart

The outer option is your friend. If you want to apply \footnotesize to every cell, just issue it at the beginning. Note also that it's not a command taking an argument. \documentclass{article} \...
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