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Only, Uncover and Visible Beamer overlay commands within a minted codeblock

You can't escape the start and end of an argument separately. I would use \onslide and its variants for your use case. As an alternative, you could use the tikzmarks library to mark the start and end ...'s user avatar
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Placing two code snippets next to each other with minted with a headline over each snippet causes box shift

I finally found the problem. The package mathpazo caused the shift of the minipage-boxes. No idea why, I will just leave the package out - but if someone wants to investigate this, please answer in ...
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How to make minted work inside custom environments?

Use a custom environment and not a macro: % !TeX program = txs:///arara % arara: pdflatex: {synctex: on, interaction: nonstopmode, shell: yes} \documentclass{beamer} \usepackage{minted} \...'s user avatar
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I can't get minted package to work under MikTeX in Windows

All right, so as it turns out, minted is a package that requieres Python installed with the package "Pygments" included. I happen to use Anaconda for python, so I had to modify the "...
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