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Can anyone help me to draw this table?

You did not show any MWE, so it is unclear which packages you (want to) use, but with the nicematrix package you could do the following: \documentclass[border=10pt]{standalone} \usepackage{nicematrix, ...
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Specify line break in booktabs tabular without specifying cell width

I suggest you look into what the threeparttable package, its user environments (called threeparttable and tablenotes), and its user macro \tnote can do for you. Importantly, the width of the ...
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Vertical alignment (centering) not working (multirow, longtable, booktabs)

The first mandatory argument of \multirow is the number of rows. Your table has multi-line table rows and also uses booktab lines. So the value 2 is to low. Increasing the number can help to improve ...
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Vertical alignment (centering) not working (multirow, longtable, booktabs)

As supplement to to nice @cabohah answer (+1), but with use of tabularray package. Using its longtblr table the code is more clear and concise (shorter). Table has (to my opinion) more appealing looks:...
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