Save a copy before loading mathabx. \documentclass{article} \let\origpartial\partial \usepackage{mathabx} \begin{document} $\origpartial\quad\partial$ \end{document}


You can look into fontmath.ltx to see the original definition; with Bash it could be less $(kpsewhich fontmath.ltx) You'll find \partial on line 222. Copy the declaration into your document. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{mathabx} \DeclareMathSymbol{\partial}{\mathord}{letters}{"40} % fontmath.ltx, line 222 \begin{document} $\partial f$ \end{...


You have the BasicTeX package (https://tug.org/mactex) installed as can be seen in your screenshot. It should be fairly simple to install additional packages via the "TeX Live Utility.app". Look for "chemformula" in the Packages tab, then right-click and select install.

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