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How do I keep questions from splitting between pages in exam?

I found this suggestion to do the trick but also being very compact/easy to integrate with existing code: Yet another trick by Knuth is useful if you have a sequence of small blocks of text that need,...
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"this space intentionally blank" at end of chapters if more than X inches not typeset on

After an initial misinterpretation of the question, I have revised my answer to achieve "Intentionally blank" message for those cases where a twoside document leaves a blank page before a ...
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Change multiple times the number of columns in the same page, without page breaks

The solution is using the "\begin{multicols}{} ... \end{multicols}" (the asterisk version breaks the page). \documentclass{scrartcl} \usepackage{multicol,lipsum,tikz} \begin{document} \...
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Suppress page-break when a sentence is followed by multi-columns

You can use the optional argument of multicols for such leading text \documentclass{article} \usepackage{multicol} \usepackage{enumerate,enumitem} \begin{document} \rule{1cm}{18cm} \begin{multicols}...
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