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How to get rid of the default, i.e., "plain", page numbers?

How can I get rid of the default page numbering in the center footer so it doesn't show duplicated This issue arises because \pagestyle{plain} is in effect by default on pages with chapter headings. (...
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Hide page number on page, but count it

This showed up as unanswered question, but there are two good answers in the comments and a "This is working!" from the OP. Thus, copy-pasting those comments to finally get the question ...
1 vote

Starting the abstract at the odd page on twoside report

I'd simply redefine abstract instead of modifying titlepage that you seem not to be using. Don't set the page counter to zero. \documentclass[ 12pt, a4paper, twoside, openright ]{...
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How to manually change page numbering in beamer?

Another option is \setcounter{framenumber}{42} for an absolute instead of a relative change.
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