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How to make my entire document to fit into a single PDF page?

To illustrate my comment: \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{graphicx} \newcommand{\pages}{6}% number of pages \newcommand{\filename}{pecha.pdf}% filename of document \newcounter{pdfpage} \...
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Figure not displayed in pdflatex after exporting from lyx

Most probably you have checked by error the Draft mode in the LaTeX and LyX options tab of the Graphics dialog: You can check also if the image have this option in the Code Preview Pane, (View menu)...
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Using newpax for table of contents

I have uploaded a new version (0.54) to ctan. It now stores the names of the destinations (if the destinations have names, which doesn't need to be the case if PDF has not been created by (La)TeX or ...
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