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Open an external PDF at the specific section in a new tab

Žan You asked: What about a solution for opening a pdf in a new tab? I found that [pdfnewwindow] as an optional parameter to \href gives the desred result. \href{../PU.xxxx.pdf#section.1}{text} ...
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Add pdf metadata with Lualatex (without hyperref)

The problem with using the primitives is that they are not managed. That means that if your code for one or the other reason set the info more than once you end with duplicate entries in the Info ...
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Add pdf metadata with Lualatex (without hyperref)

With Udi Fogiel's helpful comment I resolved it with this: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{iftex} \ifluatex % From section 3.2.2 of Luatex manual: \pdfextension info { /Title (My Story) /...
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How to configure LyX to create PDF file in the same folder and open the right PDF file with "view"

It opens a PDF file in a strange temporary folder instead of the correct PDF file which should be the one in the folder containing the *.lyx file. No, it should not the folder containing the .lyx ...
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LaTeX horrible issues with generating PDF file, unsolved issue and no answers

Some general advice: (1) Be sure that your TeX installation works. Here is a test document: \documentclass{article} % \usepackage{fontspec} \begin{document} Hello, World\par \end{document} Compile ...
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How to enter symbols and align equations

The first one with \delta needs to be in math mode so $\{\delta..... The second one, align* starts math mode so remove all the $ inside it.
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breakable textfield

I don't think that multi-page form fields exist, but you can automatically place the focus in the second field if the first field is full (this idea is actually taken from the Acrobat JS API). For ...
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