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How to use Verdana without Serifs in pdfLatex?

This is an alternative way to use Verdana (or in fact an equally looking replacement) without serifs in latex. \usepackage{DejaVuSans} \renewcommand*\familydefault{\sfdefault}
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Latex compilation error miktex-makepk -makepk - METAFONT failed for some reason METAFONT failed on ecsx0800

Adding a line \usepackage{lmodern} at the beginning of my LaTeX file solved the issues for me.
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Put reference above inequality symbol within align* environment

With use of the stackengine package: \documentclass[margin=3mm,varwidth]{standalone} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{stackengine} \newcommand\marksymb[2]{\,\stackon{#1}{\scriptscriptstyle (#2)}\, } \...
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Put reference above inequality symbol within align* environment

Here's a way: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \makeatletter \newcommand{\markthis}[3]{% #1 = marker, #2 = label, #3 = relation \overset{% the marker and the label \textup{\makebox[...
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pdflatex error due to empty *.pfb file in VSCode with LaTex Workshop

As Ulrike Fischer stated, reinstalling cm-super package $ sudo aptitude reinstall cm-super resolves the problems. Now sfrm1095.pfb isn't empty anymore and all other files in /usr/share/texmf/fonts/...
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Custom Header Style

I tried these commands, and they worked like a charm (with some personal preferences). You can tweak them until you get the result you want. \pagestyle{fancy} \fancyhead[RE]{\rightmark} \fancyhead[RO]{...
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Executing python script or code using \input not working

You need --shell-escape and remove the geometry setting which is forcing the text off the page; \documentclass[10pt, export]{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \usepackage{animate} \usepackage{amsmath} %\...
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Executing python script or code using \input not working

It works if you use TeX's primitive \input, which is saved in LaTeX as \@@input: This is print("Number four: %d." % 4) This works: \documentclass{article} \makeatletter % to ...
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How can I draw an arc from point A -> B on a 3D sphere in TikZ?

Above, Alain Matthes mentioned that "To give a correct answer, we need to define cross product ...", and that sounds like my idea of fun this evening, so let's get at it. We have two points ...
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broken hyperlinks with memoir, caption, hyperref, sidecaption, and pdflatex

The author of the caption package just implemented a fix:, thanks to this question. It is not released on CTAN yet, but you can already ...
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Show actual math source code in pdf

For simple inline math you could define a command \mymath that has two different definitions for math and code mode. The code is printed using the listings package. Code \documentclass{article} \...
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Show actual math source code in pdf

Well with the (experimental!!!) math grabbing code that we develop it nearly works: \DocumentMetadata{testphase=math} \documentclass{article} \ExplSyntaxOn \math_processor:n { \texttt{\...
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Latex error 'can't pop an empty literal stack for entry XXX'

The issue is how empty number fields are processed by the .bst file. I don't recognize the .bst you are using, but the following hack seems to resolve the issue. Insert this code into the .bst file ...
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Texmaker can't compile "pdflatex: Bad parameter value. pdflatex: Data: font_mem_size"

Last tip: immediately after running the program press File > New then press play button. Then search and open your file, CLOSE THE COPLILED PDF WINDOW, and press play. Now it works (after many ...
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Set the print flag on links with hyperref to preserve them with Ghostscript >= 9.25

The OP @alex-pacini asked on the hyperref repo and, two and a half years later :) it was mentioned that it's possible to set the print flag by default on the hyperlinks created by hyperref, but one ...
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Using Demotic Alef unicode character with Noto font package and pdfLaTeX

Thanks to the hint by @UlrikeFischer and @DavidCarlisle I came up with the following solution (as someone can already guess from the comments): For those few very special Demotic characters its of ...
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Accessibility issues

I found my way to this question with a similar issue: I was attempting to use LaTeX to create a mathematics-bearing PDF document that could be parsed by a screen reader. I tried some of the solutions ...
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pdflatex stops at \vec when using many packages lubuntu 23.04

The following does no longer work ...: \documentclass[twoside,14pt,a5paper]{extarticle} \usepackage{ngerman} \usepackage{accents} \begin{document} Test $\vec{a}$ \end{document} ... but it works ...
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