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PGFPlots library fillbetween causing a bunch of "Missing Character" warnings

This has been reported and fixed in the development version: Basically you have to use \ifdim instead of \ifnum in an internal command: \documentclass[...
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3 votes

pgfplots filled contour with precomputed contour line coordinates

Here is a rather manual solution: \begin{filecontents*}{contours.dat} 0.857143 2 0.6 1 1 0.6 2 0.857143 0.6 2.5 1 0.6 2.66667 2 0.6 0.571429 2 0.4 ...
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1 vote

Center Tikz pictures used as tick labels in Pgfplots

You have several spaces in the piechart. I can not recommend doing this as it nest tikzpictures. It might be done with a path picture or simply drawn afterwards. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{...
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