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As you have adjusted to a different part of other question I am using an adaptation of that one. \documentclass[20pt, a0paper, portrait, margin=0mm, innermargin=15mm, blockverticalspace=18mm, colspace=18mm, subcolspace=0mm]{tikzposter} \usetheme{Desert} \title{Detecting Multi-word Expressions in Typed Text} \author{KJO is my name, Perhaps Yours Goes ...


Used \hfill you will get it \documentclass[25pt, a0paper, landscape, margin=0mm, innermargin=15mm, blockverticalspace=15mm, colspace=15mm, subcolspace=8mm]{tikzposter} \usetheme{Desert} \title{Detecting Multi-word Expressions in Typed Text} \author{AdamG} \institute{Graduate Center} \titlegraphic{\includegraphics[width=9.5cm]{example-image-a}\hfill\...


The Jacobs Landscape Poster is implemented as a beamer presentation with only one very large frame. Therefore, you can use the regular color settings of beamer for the background and the blocks, see for example Change the background color of a frame in Beamer and other questions linked from there. Example code fragment, using the template from https://www....

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