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{postscript} concerns the PostScript page description language that forms the base for PS, EPS and PDF formats common to (La)TeX

Postscript is a page description language originally developed by John Warnock and Charles Geschke as an interpreter for three-dimensional graphics. They formed Adobe Systems. Postscript was later implemented in the Apple LaserWriters and became a standard for laser printers. PDF () was derived from PostScript and has become the standard for electronic documents.

For LaTeX users, PostScript is a natural way to output documents, either in PS-format using drivers such as dvips () or as PDF using pdfLateX (). Another important aspect of Postscript is the PSTricks package () which allows advanced drawing capabilities in LaTeX.

It is not possible to run your PSTricks based LaTeX files with pdfTeX () or pdfLateX ([tag:pdflatex}), instead XeLaTeX () must be used or the basic sequence LaTeX -> dvips -> ps2pdf (see the PSTricks web page for details).