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Really it is much more simple that you tried. Be sure that you have installed knitr and tikzDevice in R, and compile thistest.Rnw file in Rstudio: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} <<test, echo=F,dev='tikz',message=FALSE,fig.width=2.5, fig.height=2.5 >>= # install.packages("tikzDevice") require(ggplot2) data <- data.frame(x=c(1,2,3,4,...


With $$ you are entering math mode. And in math mode you should use math fonts and math switches. \[\mathit{ABC} = \mathrm{minimum}{\mathit{XYZ}, \mathit{ZYX}}\]


A example code is worth a thousand words: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} <<echo=F,results="hide">>= set.seed(100) options(scipen=0) x <- rnorm(10, 155, 10) y <- rnorm(10, 150, 10) accept <- if (t.test(x,y)$p.value>0.05) {print("rejected")} else {print("accepted")} @ Our hypothesis that $x$ is taller than $y$ was \Sexpr{...


You need to redefine the definition of the style Routstyle for listings. In your used file Sweavel.sty it is defined as \lstdefinestyle{Routstyle}{% fancyvrb=false, literate={~}{{$\sim$}}1{R^2}{{$R^{2}$}}2{^}{{$^{\scriptstyle\wedge}$}}1{R-squared}{{$R^{2}$}}2,% frame=single, framerule=0.2pt, framesep=1pt, basicstyle=\Routcolor\Routsize\...

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