REVTeX (latest version 4.2) is a document class and a set of packages designed for the preparations of manuscripts to the journals of the American Physical Society (APS) and American Institute of Physics (AIP).

REVTeX 4.2 packages should come included in the latest Tex distributions, like MiKTeX and Tex Live (at least 2019). If your distribution doesn't have them, you can get them, together with all documentation, at You may also want to download the provided there for .tex and .pdf sample manuscripts and templates, both for AIP and APS journals.

About the documentation:

  • For a quick guide in using the class, one can read "APS [or AIP] Author Guide for REVTeX 4.2", 4 or 5 pages.
  • The packages offer specific options for all of the APS and AIP journals: [aip] or [aps] for the type of society, [jmp] for Journal of Mathematical Physics, and so on. A summary of all specific options available is in "REVTeX 4.2 Command Options Summary" of the documentations.

Some features (depending on the journal's options):

  • Front matter: superscript affiliations, multiple/group affiliations for authors; footnote-like email addresses; no word "Abstract" for abstract
  • Body: starts right on the first page (except with [preprint]); one- or two-column; footnotes integrated in the bibliography
  • Citation and References: superscript/numerical/authour-year citations using natbib; first-cited or alphabetical order of references; abbreviated journals' titles; un-slanted text for journals' titles.