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remove sections numbering

Add \setcounter{secnumdepth}{0} to preamble.
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Making the bibliography appear in the table of contents

Another simple solution with Biblatex is found at https://fr.sharelatex.com/learn/Bibliography_management_with_biblatex \printbibliography[ heading=bibintoc, title={Whole bibliography} ] \...
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remove sections numbering

To center the sections, you could for example use the sectsty package One way to remove the numbers from the sections is to use unnumbered sections denoted by the stars. \documentclass[a4paper,...
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What is this symbol in LaTeX? And where do I get it?

It's hard to judge the scale of your fleuron, but you can design something similar using the TikZ calligraphy library. In the code below, the \pen command defines the angle (30°) and width (2mm) of a &...
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How to put a line-break in section heading?

I recently ran into a similar issue where my section title was being split across two lines, but only one or two words were ending up on the second line. I wanted to manually insert a line break so ...
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Formatting section titles

I'd like to take a crack at this question, because 5 years ago I landed here and thought titlesec was the best way to do this. That may or may not be true. The class settings are perhaps obvious to ...
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Making the bibliography appear in the table of contents

Here a simple solution for biblatex. Then you can omit the heading and just add a sections as you like. \section{References} \printbibliography[heading=none]
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How to get default formatting for \chapter, \section, etc.?

The standard classes are defined as follows (copied from titlesec reference, section 8.2) \titleformat{\chapter}[display] {\normalfont\huge\bfseries}{\chaptertitlename\ \thechapter}{20pt}{\Huge} \...
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The correct way to perform a section break in LaTeX

Edit: I've put the package on Github and released it on CTAN. I also added new package option asterism and a new command \asterism, which will print the asterism symbol. You can try the following ...
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Hide sections of specific chapter from table of contents

You can change the value of the counter tocdepth mid-document, writing it to the ToC at the appropriate spot. This allows you to vary what shows and what doesn't show. \documentclass{report} \begin{...
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How to add an extra level of sections with headings below \subsubsection

I know this is an old question, but I found it with Google and I think the solutions are too complicated. For me this is the easiest way for a subsubsubsection: \newcommand{\subsubsubsection}[1]{\...
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How can one keep a \section from being at the end of a page?

You should use the option \usepackage[nobottomtitles*]{titlesec} This will prevent your heading titles to be displayed at the bottom of the page and it will place your heading in the next page.
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Is it possible to input a file while lowering every section it has by 1 level?

\documentclass{article} \begin{document} \section{Doc A} { \let\section\subsection \let\subsection\subsubsection \input{docA} } \section{Conclusions} Very good. \end{document}
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Why is \paragraph treated as level below \subsubsection?

Historically speaking this is inherited from Scribe (designed by Brian Reid in 1979 or so). This system heavily influenced many decisions that Leslie made and you can trace a lot of LaTeX back to ...
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Start new chapter on same page

I have used this whenever I needed to add one chapter to the previous page: \begingroup \let\clearpage\relax \chapter{My Chapter} \endgroup It doesn't change the rest of the chapters, or anything ...
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Footnote in sub-section title

I think "don't do that" is not a helpful answer. Section footnotes are often very useful! According to: http://www.tex.ac.uk/FAQ-ftnsect.html The correct thing to do is the following: % in the ...
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beautiful section styles

Answer based on titlesec and soul: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{xcolor} \usepackage[explicit]{titlesec} \usepackage{soul} \definecolor{titleblue}{HTML}{4a7aa4} \...
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''subsubsection''-level headers not numbered by default

I'm guessing that your document class is either report, book, scrreprt, or scrbook -- or a document class that's based on one of these four classes. These document classes have the following setting ...
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Is it possible to create a new sectioning level?

Sure. There’s no reason you can't go infinitely in any direction. In book, the section level of \part is -1. You just need to define a level which has level -2. Dig into book.cls and you'll find the ...
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Giving headlines a background color spanning across the entire typearea

Here is a suggestion redefining the new command \sectionlinesformat that is explained in the documentation of version 3.19 or newer: \documentclass{scrartcl}[2015/09/15] \usepackage{blindtext}% dummy ...
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Continuous v. per-chapter/section numbering of figures, tables, and other document elements

Patryk's answer works perfectly. But you need to reset the counter of tables, figures, equations, etc. manually every time you want to start your object labels at "1" again. So it would be more ...
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How to suppress the final period (".") in paragraph titles?

The definition in elsarticle is badly written, because it unconditionally adds a period. You can change it in a way that will add the period only if no punctuation follows the title with the help of ...
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Definitions and theorems in beamer

If you disable the automatic creation of Theorem blocks by beamer and do like the usual way using amsthm you can format all easily. So, the option notheorems disable the automatic process and then ...
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How to format section headings?

Like so? \documentclass{article} \usepackage{titlesec} \titleformat{\section}{\centering\large}{}{0em}{\MakeUppercase}[\titlerule] \begin{document} \section{This} \end{document} (Some hints were ...
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How can I make a "fake" subsection number?

Define an environment within which counter stepping and ToC-writing is disabled. This allows great freedom: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{xparse} \newcounter{savesection} \newcounter{...
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Empty lines or not?

Just use blank lines where logically you want a paragraph break. Section headings naturally form paragraph breaks already so a blank line before or after them makes no difference. For other constructs ...
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Inserting a table in a two column document

Use table for single column floats and table* for double column floats. \documentclass[twocolumn]{article} \usepackage{booktabs,chemformula} \begin{document} \section{Electronic Structure} \input ...
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\subsubsubsection for scrbook

Update (needs KOMA-Script version 3.26b) The original answer below is still correct. But there are the new command \RedeclareSectionCommands, the new options runin and afterindent. And there are some ...
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paragraph style - how to force line break? \paragraph{} \\ - make paragraph a header?

I have seen many hacks for this, including \mbox{} and other approaches but this one is the most convenient! \paragraph ~\\ Source for the answer
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