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{standalone} is about questions regarding the standalone bundle that allows users to easily place picture environments or other material in separate source files and compile these on their own or as part of a main document.

stan­dalone – Com­pile TeX pic­tures stand-alone or as part of a doc­u­ment

A class and pack­age is pro­vided which al­lows TeX pic­tures or other TeX code to be com­piled stan­dalone or as part of a main doc­u­ment. Spe­cial sup­port for pic­tures with beamer over­lays is also pro­vided.

The pack­age is used in the main doc­u­ment and skips ex­tra pream­bles in sub-files. The class may be used to sim­plify the pream­ble in sub-files. The be­haviour in stan­dalone mode may ad­justed us­ing a con­fig­u­ra­tion file standalone.cfg to re­de­fine the stan­dalone en­vi­ron­ment.

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