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beamer titlepage how to organize authors in a table which spans slide-width

I wouldn't mess with the content of macros like \author etc. Instead you could either redefine the author template (and add your table there) and/or redefine the whole title page template if you need ...'s user avatar
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Siunitx: spread table content accross page

Just for the sake of comparison, here are (a) a solution that uses tabularx (properly), with five equally wide columns, and (b) a solution that uses a basic tabular environment. Speaking for myself, ...
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Siunitx: spread table content accross page

Use tabular* instead. I made other changes, as you don't need threeparttable for this application. Also \textsuperscript{***} is not only a mouthful, but the output is really awful. Note also the ...
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overlapping in footer, try tabularx in footer

Here are two options: Spread out the footer content evenly (using \hfills). Limit the possibly-long chapter title to 50% of the footer width, aligning it vertically to the baseline. \documentclass[...
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overlapping in footer, try tabularx in footer

The issue is simple: fancyhdr has done exactly what you asked: \fancyfoot[C]{% \hspace{20em}book title } 20em is not a fixed width because it is font-dependent, but, in most cases, it is a ...
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Multirow: column borders missing

For information, here is a way to create that table with {NiceTabular} of nicematrix. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{nicematrix} \begin{document} \begin{NiceTabular}{ccc}[hvlines] 1 & 2 ...
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