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Cooking Recipe with a timeline

In all the years that I have studied culinary typography, I have avoided essaying timeline recipes. Even the simplest recipe is, once you start taking it apart, surprisingly complex: merging that ...
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Modifying CV template to include picture

(1) Add \usepackage{graphicx} to the preamble. (2) Have MyPhoto.jpg in your working directory. (3) Use \begin{cv}{\MarginText{\includegraphics[width=\oddsidemargin]{MyPhoto}}\spacedallcaps{John Smith}}...
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XeLatex equations and content placement between lines

I think it's easy to align the text, but hard for other stuff. You need manually adjust the space in between. Here is an example. I put the red line on the left margin. And the text will be aligned if ...
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Is there a template or a package giving this formatting?

Recently, I found (by chance) the source of these files. The template is available as "exemple_trm.zip" here: https://www.mathematex.fr/viewtopic.php?p=104693#p104693 (https://web.archive....
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