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How to add several positions under same company in Sourabh Bajaj Resume Template?

you can just uncomment the lines and follow that pattern for adding different roles at the same company. PS: Feel free ...
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Second Column on First Page Going Off the Page

I had this same problem with the PNAS templates. For me, the key was this line in the tex file: \firstpage{1}[46] According to the formatting, example, this HAS TO BE SET MANUALLY: Use \firstpage to ...
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Custom .bib file (fields, data types) with different styling (bibliography style)

I wrote biblatex-cv to automate sorting (and to an extent formatting) of academic CVs. I find adding new items to my CV relatively painless, but I find re-sorting my CV by hand to be tedious and prone ...
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Command \affil already defined authblk.sty

In small instances like this, you can declare the "offending" command as undeclared via \let\affil\relax before loading the package. Since you didn't show your need for adding authblk, ...
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