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There are several issues with your configuration. Fist of all, in testpkg.4ht: \renewcommand\SectionTitleTest{\a:SectionTitleTest\tmp:SectionTitleTest\b:SectionTitleTest} The original \SectionTitleTest takes one argument, but you redefine it as argument free. Because of this, all content of the configuration is inserted before the text you pass as ...


A substantial lwarp example is here: this is a 65 page set of lecture notes for a course I teach. It includes tikz graphics, cleveref references and a lot of maths. I had to supply some js and css to tweak the final output but lwarp did all the heavy lifting. I have tried latexml on the same document but couldn't get cleveref to work.


It seems that MikTeX version of TeX4ht is not up-to date. It can happen as TeX4ht is installed directly to TeX Live, the updates are not installed on CTAN, so MikTeX maintainer are not notified of updates. I've made a request on MikTeX issue tracker for the update, so these issues will be hopefully fixed soon. In the meantime, we can fix your issues using ...

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