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I can't find file phvr7t

TeX has used a few different font formats over the years, but phv stands for PostScript Helvetica, which is in PostScript Type 1 format. Files in this format have several extensions, including .afm (...
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LaTeX file not running in texmaker on Fedora (but fine on MacOS): Error : could not start the command : biber

Finally, I found the solution to fix the issue. For a more detailed discussion read this post. Summing up, I apparently was running the flatpak version instead of the rpm version. After uninstalling ...
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Error installing latest version of TeX Live on Windows 10

I don't know enough about Windows to really understand the problem, but you might try setting the envvar TEXLIVE_PREFER_OWN (to any value, e.g., 1), which should tell the installer to use TL's ...
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