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How to make hollywood.cls available?

I only can show you on windows, where I changed class via Document/Settings: On my system it's found in two places, don't know, which one Lyx is using: Closest match seems to be here, Tools/...
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fontspec cannot find fonts on Ubuntu

Installing Microsoft fonts in Ubuntu using below link helped me
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Broken TeXLive update

See the comment from Ulrike Fischer.
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Where is `` coming from in the trunk TexLive source?

After me posting a comment in, this file got added in the GitHub repo and now lives in
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Need help in LaTeX compilation

You can set the buffer size on the commandline pdflatex --cnf-line=buf_size=400000 file would double the default size of 200000 to 400000. You can check how much of the buffer is being used by ...
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