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Having trouble fitting Title Page onto a single page

Inch is a large & fixed unit to be used with \vspace here. Try using elastic lengths. Try \vspace*{3\bigskipamount} at the top instead of \vspace*{0.5in} and \vspace{2\medskipamount} instead of \...
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Package inputenc Error: Invalid UTF-8 byte 147

For TexStudio users (and surely TexMaker too): I had a similar problem when using an empty text file created in Linux to write LaTeX code. Watch out the encoding at the lower bar on the right side. It ...'s user avatar
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LaTeX file not running in texmaker on Fedora (but fine on MacOS): Error : could not start the command : biber

Finally, I found the solution to fix the issue. For a more detailed discussion read this post. Summing up, I apparently was running the flatpak version instead of the rpm version. After uninstalling ...
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Problem with \input with pdflatex

If you have a directory (folder) tdir with file.tex having your first file and first section.tex having the second then if you cd to tdir and run pdflatex file then the terminal output will look like ...
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