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I am afraid that a part of the problem lies within the svg package, which calls inkscape with options -z and --file, neither of which is valid in the current version 1.0 (2020-05-01).


The documentation kind of buries the lede. The glossary itself is generated by the makeglossaries command. By default, TeXmaker doesn't provide access to it, but apparently it's not too difficult to add it. See this answer Using Texmaker with glossaries on Windows From the terminal, the command sequence is: pdftex foo makeglossaries foo pdftex foo


What Compiler is activated? Try it with Texstudio if u are completely new. The installer is downloading both.


From the Options tab choose Configure Texmaker --> Editor --> Editor Font Size and set the font size to a large-enough value. (Note: The screenshots are from a previous version, however, for the current "ugly" version the process is unchanged.) Then:

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