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"widetext" not recognized in TeXstudio

Usage of widetext.sty: \usepackage{widetext} \setlength\stripsep{3pt plus 1pt minus 1pt} Save the following content as widetext.sty and place it in the same directory as the .tex file %%--------------...
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Texstudio Biber compiling error

[This is here because it is too long for a comment and the OP has too little rep for chat. It is not an answer and will get deleted or rewritten later, so please ignore.] Process started: /Library/TeX/...
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How to \input{} files with Unicode names?

I use make4ht with a source file that input another source which filename contains some utf-8 character: \input{scénario1} If I only use the XeLaTeX compiler, it works. But if I use it through the ...
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LaTeX3 macro identification in TeXstudio

Following request I post an partial answer. Of course, this will not answer the initial question if and how Latex3 macros can be highlighted within Texstudio. I would ...
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