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Wrong numbering in theorems environment

Beamer manual, section "5.1.2 Global Structure", paragraph "Numbered Theorems and Definitions" with presentations discourages numbering theorems altogether and in case of doing so ...
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Dynamic references with \zcref

Here is one way to do it. It feels a bit like cheating the intended use of the reference structure, but I think it should work as expected. The tricky part is to have access to the label itself, which ...
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Keep track of theorem number in colored boxes

The tcolorbox package has a library for theorem. See section 18 of the manual. The library has the command \NewTcbTheorem[⟨init options⟩]{⟨name⟩}{⟨display name⟩}{⟨options⟩}{⟨prefix⟩} that define a ...
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How to create a theorem box with multiple layers instead of just two

Here is an implementation modeled on that of the tabulars* and tabulars keys of tcolorbox and using nicematrix to make the colored table. The syntax is \begin{example} <text> \tcblower <table ...
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Theorem Enviroment Counter

I seem to understand that the first three sections have no test and so you want A for tests in section 4, B in section 5 and so on. Redefine \thetest to do the job. \documentclass{article} \...
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Beamer: reference in theorem environment,

to use \cite[...]{...} inside of an optional argument, wrap it in {...} to hide the square bracket from the optional argument to remove the (...) around the theorem addition, redefine the theorem ...'s user avatar

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