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To increase the space between number and name, use the numwidth flag. The default width reserved for the numbers column 2.3em. The following increases the width to 3.5em: \listoftheorems[numwidth=3.5em] Result: Source:


You have to define also \ll@proposition. Add \let\ll@proposition=\ll@theorem before \makeatother. The command is defined, but since you change the way they are supposed to work normally, you need to redefine all of them.


Use \protect\makefirstuc, but in the definition of \ll@theorem: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{suffix} \usepackage{textcase} \usepackage{amsthm} \usepackage{thmtools} \usepackage{mfirstuc} \renewcommand{\listtheoremname}{List of Important Theorems} \renewcommand\thmtformatoptarg[1]{#1} \swapnumbers \makeatletter % \declaretheoremstyle[ headfont= \...

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