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Tikz: Allow the |[style]| syntax in execute at empty cells

The matrix library allows a cell to be of the form <node content>, |<extra>| <node content> (where <extra> is any node specification allowed between node and the {) as well as ...
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Tikz: Allow the |[style]| syntax in execute at empty cells

\documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{matrix} \makeatletter \tikzset{ replace empty cell with/.code={% \edef\tikz@at@emptycell{% \noexpand\tikz@lib@matrix@start@cell ...
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Generate geometric shapes (triangles, rectangles, etc)

64 possiblities As I said in my comment, there are 64 possibilities between six values being set or not set. Of those 22 have less than three parameters given (not solveable for triangles), 22 have ...
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Add grid points to a torus

Is this what you want? I use Asymptote that is maths-oriented. The code is adapted from one in Asymptote gallery. We can put dots or any decoration at grid intersections. The parameters m and n are ...
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`biblatex` and `\includestandalone` is causing unexpected indents in a `tikzpicture` nodes printed bibliography

You are inheriting the rather wide labelwidth from a shorthand. You can use the option locallabelwidth to force biblatex to recalculate the width: \documentclass[11pt,oneside]{article}% \usepackage{...
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