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You don't need the titlingpackage here, since title, authoretc. can be used by default. \documentclass[10pt]{beamer} % \title{Some title} \subtitle{Some subtitle} \author{A.N. Author} \date{Some Day} % \begin{document} \frame{\titlepage} \end{document}


You have to make a few changes: make \frontmatter to use arabic numbers; make \mainmatter not to reset numbering; avoid titlepage, because it resets the page numbering. \documentclass[12pt]{book} \usepackage{titling,emptypage} \makeatletter % don't use roman numbers in the front matter \renewcommand{\frontmatter}{\cleardoublepage\@mainmatterfalse\...


You could use \setcounter{page}{"any number of your choice"} to manually set the page number of the first page with a page number, see:

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