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Okay thanks to this previous answer: Defining a Color using another And this: Shades of colors We can use the \colorlet{mycolor}{alreadydefinedcolor} to make it happen. On LyX, you have to be sure to declare it outside any \begin statement.


The macro \dd does not directly deliver \the\month, but does several assignment instructions in order to get at it. You also don't want to do global assignments to \day. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{advdate} \usepackage{ifthen} \newcommand{\ifsamemonthTF}[4]{% \begingroup % compute the first date's month \AdvanceDate[#1]% \edef\x{\endgroup\def\...


@Don Hosek thanks, that worked for the auxfile. I also created the error message: Package pdftex.def Error which might be connected to a wrong directory. With the code line: \def\bloep{D:/Dokumente/Masterthesis/csvfiles/} And a slash behind the last folder name, everything works properly.


You're close. First, you can't use backslashes the way you have because LaTeX will assume you mean macros. You would use forward slashes instead (I think also that you don't need the slash before the drive letter). Also, you need a slash at the end of the path to separate it from the file name so this should work: \def\bloep{D:/Dokumente/Masterthesis/...


Inside the loop you added \t \t=\expandafter{\the\t *} but \t \t is equivalent to \t=\t and assigns \t to itself so this is a no-op and equivalent to =\expandafter{\the\t *} which is the same as =\the\t * But as you no longer are assigning anything to \t \the\t is always empty so this is =* and just typeset =* once on each iteration. You intended \the\t \...

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