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Answer is an expansion of a comment made by John Kormylo. To avoid getting the message "this does not look like a TDS; are you sure...", extract into <dir>/tex/latex rather than just to <dir>/. cd to <dir>/tex/latex and pdflatex xcolor.ins to generate xcolor.sty. Using the MikTeX console to Settings->Directories, add the ...


Well, just use Emacs. Steep learning curve, but worth the time and effort. And it comes with org-mode. Good thing to get things organised. I never learned lisp, by the way. To write and compile *.tex files, there is AUCTeX mode of Emacs.


Is your network connection effectively timing out? Reviewing the download progress of packages, elapsed times (assuming I'm reading them correctly as minutes:seconds) seem quite slow. Perhaps try renewing your connection, checking DL speeds independently?


Try this: \documentclass{article} \newcommand{\test}{{abc}def} \begin{document} \uppercase\test \end{document} The output is Funny? A bit. The fact is that \uppercase is a TeX primitive that requires { after it. To this end, it expands tokens after it; any \relax token or space token is ignored and expansion is resumed. This expansion process ends as ...


latex provides \MakeUppercase because \uppercase will destroy lots of text, almost all text if you are using UTF-8 with non ascii letters. However the specific error here is \uppercase\chaptertitlename The braces are not optional, it has to be \uppercase{\chaptertitlename} hence the missing brace error that you show. But as noted above this will break ...


You do not define \FILENAME in the case that filecontents* is used, presumably you want something like this that defines it to be \jobname \documentclass[tikz, border=0mm]{standalone} \usepackage{array} \usepackage{readarray} \readarraysepchar{,} \usepackage{filecontents} % If the argument is provided at the Windows command prompt use it % otherwise ...

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