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How to make cyrillic working with TeX Gyre fonts?

Despite claiming that the cyrl language tag and the Cyrillic block 0x0400–0x04FF are supported, in the list of glyphs there's a jump from 0x03F5 to 0x0E3F. I'm not sure whether the developers started ...
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How to make cyrillic working with TeX Gyre fonts?

You need a font with cyrillic, eg Times New Roman windows font \documentclass{article} \usepackage[main=russian, english]{babel} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{Times New Roman} \begin{document} ...
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Creating bilingual (german, devanagari (hindi, sanskrit)) pdf using markdown, pandoc and xelatex

Pandoc versions 2.15 and newer use babel instead of polyglossia with xelatex. Adapting the accepted answer: --- fontsize: 12pt lang: de mainfont: Arial header-includes: - \babelfont[hindi]{rm}{...
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I can't have latexmk detecting the options I give it

tl;dr : there was a conflict between latexmk and Thank you @daleif for your comment, I checked my latexmk version because i updated it several times and it seemed wierd to me that is was ...
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ModernCV Chinese template empty after compiling

you can use the ctex pacakge like this: \usepackage{ctex} and compile using xelatex. the package CJKutf8 is too old.
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