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How to use pstricks with XeLaTeX and tufte-book class?

This is basically a duplicate of Letterspacing, Minion Pro, and Tufte-LaTeX (problem with running header) I add a CW answer in order to show the details here. Note that pstricks has nothing to do with ...
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Building a bidirectional index jump for the question-answering environment

You should use \refstepcounter for counters that you want to reference. With hyperref this also sets the anchor for links. For correct links you also must ensure that \theH<counter> is unique ...
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Adding Multiple Titles with Gilded Effects

\documentclass[12pt]{book} \usepackage[hmargin=0in,vmargin=0in,paperwidth=4.375in,paperheight=7.25in]{geometry} \usepackage{pgfornament,tikzpagenodes} \usetikzlibrary{fadings} \usepackage{color} \...
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In LyX is it possible to insert a PDF file but condense multiple PDF pages to a single compiled page in LyX?

To arrange the inserted pages of your PDF document add, e.g. nup=2x2 to the LaTeX and LyX Options tab, where you also have pages=22-34. Options are separated by comma, so you should have something ...
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Inconsistent Page Numbering Behavior in LaTeX Across Versions

Since the page numbering you want is actually the default, I don't see any reason to introduce another counter. We can just use the standard page counter, which will produce 1, 2, 3 etc. regardless of ...
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Using two subschemes in a single compound messes up output

I also don't understand the reason for this problem. But it is possible to do this scheme without using \subscheme \documentclass[border=2mm,12pt]{standalone} \usepackage{chemfig} \begin{document} ...
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how can I use any Ethiopic/Ge'ez writing in Latex?

Here is an alternative approach with babel (both xelatex and lualatex): \documentclass{article} \usepackage[english]{babel} \babelfont[geez]{rm}{AbyssinicaSIL-Regular.ttf} \begin{document} \section*...
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How to "Americanize" LaTeX Code for an EAN British Barcode?

Refer to the answers provided previously on this site, which: Direct you to the BWIPP documentation for ISBN, rather than some random example found of the Internet. The documentation shows a valid ...
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fontconfig doesn't list/find XITS font even after updating config

An update for 2024: While you fixed this, the recommended way to load fonts in fontspec and unicode-math is now by filename. (See also §2.2 of the fontspec manual.) You’ve given an example of how ...
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Sorted table of data from elsewhere in a document

Nice problem. The idea is to save the data in the .aux file, so it can be retrieved at the next LaTeX run. So \setvalues{<age>}{<height>}{<desc>} is saved as \VALUE{<age>}{<...
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