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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 739
a package for facilitating multirow cells in {tables} and {arrays}.
× 730
for questions concerning the formatting of table cells that span several columns.
× 709
about drawing lines (also called rules). Popular packages are {booktabs} (which provides high quality table rules) and {dashrule}.
× 709
the programming "language" written for the LaTeX3 project. It is a library of common functions for storing and manipulating data and performing higher-level logical tasks than commonly prov…
× 707
an environment used in {math-mode}. It can be useful when aligning terms.
× 688
(1) graphs of functions or (2) sets of nodes and edges.
× 670
a document class for IEEE Transactions journals and conferences.
× 663
specifically about making document elements bold (or removing this font attribute). For general questions about formatting document elements, use {formatting} instead.
× 660
for general questions about rotating document elements as well as for questions about the `rotating` package and its `sidewaysfigure` and `sidewaystable` (floating) environments. For gen…
× 651
for questions which are specific for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Questions regarding MikTeX, a popular TeX distribution for Windows, should be tagged with {miktex} instead.
× 650
a technique or approach that TeXnicians recognize as giving better results than other approaches.
× 645
a package for typesetting captions of {subfloats}.
× 631
about operators in math mode. These include sums, integrals and similar, text operators like sin, cos, etc.
× 628
a package for creating framed boxes that can break across pages.
× 627
specifically about columns in {tables} (though often the latter tag will suffice). If your question is about {two-column} documents or the {multicol} package, use the respective tag inste…
× 621
a highly configurable TeX-based authoring system dedicated mainly to produce hypertext.
× 619
about three-dimensional content, e.g., images and drawings.
× 618
a package that facilitates expressive syntax highlighting in LaTeX using the powerful Pygments library. The package provides options to customize the highlighted source code output using {…
× 617
about formatting acronyms and abbreviations using customized commands or specific packages like acronym or {glossaries}.
× 615
about the \input command which makes LaTeX process the content of a given file basically the same way as if it would be written instead of \input.
× 609
a package for drawing electrical networks with TikZ.
× 603
about handling URLs in (La)TeX documents, commonly by using the \url macro provided by the {url} or {xurl} and {hyperref} packages.
× 597
a term used by the {beamer} document class to describe the layering of slides.
× 595
General questions about text editors used for editing (La)TeX source code. For questions about specific editors, use the specific tag if applicable, e.g. {emacs}, {vim}, {kile}, {texworks}, or {texnic…
× 594
a package that simplifies the inclusion of external multi-page PDF documents in LaTeX documents.
× 587
about diacritics, i.e., ancillary glyphs added to a letter, or basic glyph. Some diacritical marks, such as the acute ( ´ ) and grave ( ` ), are often called accents. Diacritical marks ma…
× 585
Knuth's original default format for TeX documents.
× 585
about bibliography questions using the style of the American Psychological Association. Use this tag in addition to the tag for the specific package you use to implement the style.
× 583
about dealing with and (hopefully) getting rid of compiler warnings.
× 579
a package that enhances LaTeX's {cross-referencing} features, allowing the format of references to be determined automatically according to the type of reference.
× 564
an extensible, customizable text editor written primarily in Emacs Lisp.
× 560
the {exam} document class provides a number of useful features for typesetting exams - in particular it provides a `Question` environment with `parts`, and can keep track of points
× 559
For questions about using TeX on operating systems sold/made by Apple.
× 556
a replacement for {babel} for use with XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX. It provides multilingual support for most languages and handles automatic script changing using the {fontspec} package.
× 538
smaller characters appearing set slightly below the normal line.
× 535
for questions regarding the TikZ/PGF module of the same name which can also be used as a standalone package pgffor.