A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 437
can be used for questions about packages designed primarily for linguists or about typesetting of linguistics-specific material.
× 437
{tikz-cd} concerns commutative diagrams produced by the tikz-cd package.
× 435
one of the two most common types of page orientation, the other one being portrait.
× 429
a TeX-aware vector graphics language with built-in 3D capabilities. This tag, which is compatible with [tag:diagrams], may be used for questions about drawing diagrams. It is also appropr…
× 425
A high-level package from the LaTeX3 project that provides a powerful mechanism for defining new commands with various types of arguments.
× 425
for questions about drawing or constructing tree {diagrams} (for example, family trees).
× 416
about using files in the Encapsulated PostScript format with TeX.
× 414
about writing packages. If your question is about choosing, installing, or using packages, choose {package} instead. If your question is related to package options, use {package-o…
× 410
A LaTeX thesis preparation template including a LaTeX package of the same name, and helper macros to create a look and feel that is influenced by the guidelines of R. Bringhurst.
× 410
{thesis} sometimes referred to a dissertation - a document written by students as part of their degree fulfillment. Use this tag for question related to thesis-specific questions or requirements.
× 401
marks questions related to the article standard class and classes which are intended to act as a replacement for it.
× 399
a portable command-line driven graphing utility for Linux, OS/2, MS Windows, macOS, VMS, and many other platforms.
× 394
about PDF bookmarks, which are usually displayed in the side bar of the PDF reader for easy navigation. This tag can also be used for questions regarding the bookmark package.
× 389
The Tufte-LaTeX project provides book and handout document classes that mimic the design of Edward Tufte's books.
× 389
about creating bar charts using TeX/LaTeX/etc.
× 383
a package which provides several macros which take advantage of the {e-tex} extension of (La)TeX.
× 382
specifically about dealing with hyperlinks. If your question is generally about {urls} or about the {hyperref} package, use the respective tag instead.
× 382
Questions about the externalization library of TikZ/PGF.
× 375
{pgfkeys} concerns a flexible key management system in TikZ/PGF.
× 371
{tabu} concerns the tabu tabular package under e-TeX
× 369
for questions which deal with books about TeX, LaTeX and other topics of this site. For questions regarding design and layout of books use {book-design} instead.
× 368
a package for typesetting graphs and {commutative-diagrams} using the principle of "logical composition of visual components."
× 367
a Perl script to automatically run latex and related commands as many times as needed to build the final document.
× 366
for questions regarding the display of fractions and related problems.
× 363
a simple TeX front-end program (working environment) available for all today’s major desktop operating systems. It is modeled on Dick Koch’s TeXShop for Mac OS X.
× 361
for questions related to TeX on GNU/Linux and other Unix-like systems.
× 360
a command that adds content to the margin of documents.
× 359
about the lower-level sectioning commands from \section to \subparagraph that help to form the logical structure of documents. This tag should only be used *in addition* to th…
× 357
a markup converter which can output LaTeX and can parse a subset of LaTeX. Questions about pandoc itself are not on-topic for this site; questions about using it to produce LaTeX are on-top…
× 357
about creating résumés and CVs with (La)TeX.
× 354
specifically about making document elements italic (or removing this font attribute). For questions about {italic-correction}, use the tag of the same name. For general questions about for…
× 353
about creating letters and similar types of written messages, and the various document classes created for this purpose.
× 353
paths give the location of bin directory which consists of (latex) executable files in any platform. Post installation it is important to set the path for the bin directory. use this tag for installat…
× 351
characters used to specify the boundary between separate blocks/groups of text. They are typically used in {macros} or {math-mode} constructions.
× 348
Presentations may be created with dedicated classes such as beamer, powerdot, HA-prosper, prosper, slides and seminar. If meaningful, add also the name of the concerned class as tag.
× 345
{pgfmath} concerns the pgfmath library used for internal computations in TikZ-pgf but which is also available for other computations in (La)TeX.