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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

created 2 days ago
created Mar 20 at 20:39
created Mar 20 at 10:36
created Mar 18 at 16:30
created Mar 16 at 6:04
a type of conversion of a text from one script to another that involves swapping letters in predictable ways.
created Mar 11 at 1:10
{dif­f­co­eff} al­lows the easy and con­sis­tent writ­ing of or­di­nary, par­tial and other deriva­tives of ar­bi­trary or­der.
created Mar 9 at 6:31
a math sym­bol font, de­signed as a com­pan­ion to the Fe­dra fam­ily by Ty­potheque.
created Mar 9 at 0:39
{crossreftools} ex­tracts in­for­ma­tion from cross-ref­er­enc­ing la­bels, es­pe­cially those from clev­eref, in an ex­pand­able man­ner.
created Mar 5 at 21:31
The {hi­eroglf} bun­dle pro­vides a Type 1 rendi­tion of some of the an­cient Egyp­tian hi­ero­glyphs.
created Feb 27 at 8:23
a mechanism for one language to interact with software written in another language. It is available in LuaJITTeX and LuaTeX ≥ 1.0.3.
created Feb 17 at 20:48
in­spired by the clas­sic Cen­taur type de­sign of Bruce Rogers.
created Feb 17 at 20:22