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"If I'm not doing at least two things at once, then I'm either asleep or dead."

I enjoy technical theater, and I'm currently working on making a career out of it. I've worked on many shows including A Midsummer Night's Dream (twice); Antigone; Café le Monde; Almost, Maine; Pride and Prejudice; Secret in the Wings; Distracted; Pippin; The Shape of Things; etc.

In my free time, I enjoy programming. I've helped create Pencil Code through my work creating the Pencil Code Reference. I've worked with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Bash, CoffeeScript, Batch, TI-BASIC, Ruby, Java, and still learning more.

For me, a successful day is a day when I've either taught someone something new, or made someone say to me, "I have no idea how you did that, but I love it!"

In general, my favorite activities are making terrible jokes and puns, talking really fast to people who are only half listening, and being the worst at sportsball (but not necessarily in that order).

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