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Panagiotis Drakatos
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I'm a highly driven and self-motivated software engineer,with a particular interest in web technologies and with extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of fields. I'm capable of working both alone and as part of a team.I am expertized in the security system field in the application layer of software.

Furthemore, i have strong understanding of algorithms, complexity analysis, data structures, problem-solving, and object-oriented analysis and design. Experience refactoring code and evolving architectures. Experience crafting unit, integration, functional and regression tests.

I mostly write Java and C#. Sometimes I wrote c++ and I have deep knowledge in Memory-Management of an application with strong debugging skills.

I'm an enthusiastic and experienced

  • Software engineer
  • Sortware architect
  • developer
  • consultant

On occasion, I write up snippets of nifty tricks or techniques in GitHub.

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