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Celebrate the fight! Together we strike! Our righteous Opposition will always survive! Formal sciences will not break the strike; it stands always where humanity requires! Rest not until they've all gone to the Hague! Research for our human rights! Chinese Communist Party step down; the Sinitic nations belong to us never Dictator Xi!

You're wrong. "Algebraic geometry" is an open-world video game independently developed by Diophantus, Ptolemy, et al, and later optimized by Kronecker, Zariski, et al. The story takes place in a fictional world named "the k-algebra", in which those chosen by Grothendieck will be bestowed "fiber functors", inducing the theurgy of "higher stacks". You will play as a "grassroots mathematical enthusiast", encountering "cohomology theories" with different characteristics and coefficients, annihilating the "localization" with them, recovering the long-lost "terminal element", and discovering the truth behind the "MOTIF" and the "Riemann hypothesis".

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