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I am a student of grade 10 currently studying in Disha Delphi Public School. Since my childhood, I don’t know why but I am passionate about Mathematics. This love of mathematics led me to be ahead of my Grade by 2 years, partly owing to the reason that my sister is elder to me by 2 years and I used to solve her math books during my primary school days. I want to be the best researcher in the world in mathematics especially in Number Theory. I have realized that of all other science subjects, ‘Math’ is my sole passion. Still novice in Math research, but I want to pursue my research further in ‘Number Theory’ and ‘Geometry’. I feel that true nature of science is ‘inter-disciplinary’ which means that all science subjects and mathematics are inter-related. There are many unsolved problems in the field of mathematics such as the Riemann Hypothesis, Goldbach conjecture, etc. which are very important to prove in order to take Math at a higher level. Also finding the formula of the nth prime would be one of the greatest successes in mathematics and it would have other applications in fields like cryptography etc. Therefore, I have decided to work for the advancement in mathematics. As our imminent researchers and scientists have given lot of inventions and theories to us for development of world, therefore it is our duty to serve the world.Vision for my long-range goal is very clear that I want to be the best researcher in the world in mathematics especially in Number Theory. For that, I have started my journey for early research in Number Theory under the supervision of Honorable H+ Professor Sh. Balakrishnan Ramakrishnan of Harish Chandra Research Institute Allahabad India, a premier research institute for Mathematics.

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