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Willian Paixao
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I started my passion with computers before learn to read. First contact with programming with fourteen years old. Accepted in two universities with seventeen.

It's very important to love what I do for living and for that reason I choose carefully my career.

Linux and Embedded Systems are my favorite area. Major in Software Engineering, minor in Electronics, I'm in the last year of Bachelor in Computer Engineering at Federal University of Pará, in my home town, Belém.

Living for almost a year in Princeton, New Jersey and working as a Embedded Developer Intern for Siemens Corporate Technology. My project is kernel development for embedded devices used in automation industry.

In my free time, I like to conduct personal project that surprisingly involves software development. Help the Open Source community is also rewarding, with reports, translations and answering questions in forums. Computers aside, I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to gain some discipline and focus.

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