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Hello! My name is Kadaj Nakamura. I strive to become a better coder, both through helping others solve problems, and by discussing my own coding conundrums!

e: April 15, 2020. Triage of Stack Overflow? Unsalvageable.

It has been a great decade! Apparently, SO has been overtaken by fascists who outright ban users and delete civil comments if you so much as offer a counterpoint. Hidden bans for "wrong-think" by those on the poor side of Dunning-Kruger to "correct behavior." Their words, not mine.

What a fall from grace.

If Joel Spolsky or Jeff Atwood should ever perchance upon this page: I held so much respect for the both of you. Look at how current policies and threads are driving away not only occasional, mayhaps inconsequential, contributors such as myself, but also users carrying the weight of over 50k rep, whose esoteric knowledge and contributions comprise the pillars beneath this behemoth.

This site should be taken down, rather than be allowed to exist as a perverse simulacrum.

"...there would always be hope in their hearts. That hope would be a small, yet vital flame that warmed them to their core -- a tiny flame to cup one's hands around and protect from the wind, a flame that the violent winds of reality might easily extinguish."

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