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Hello ! I am Thierry, french fullstack developer since September 2000. I am +20 years of work on IT projects. I develop your ideas of webapps and softwares with Java or PHP stacks.

I am able to create, develop, maintain and host enterprises applications of any kind: business specific application, on-demand API/SaaS/PaaS applications. And many others things. The sky is the limit. Tell me what you need, I'll tell you if I can do something for you, at which price and how much time it will take (it will never be a perfect science though).

I am specialized in JAVA/J2EE technologies :

  • I have developed many Java webapplications with Spring (Spring Web MVC or Spring Boot or Spring Webflux recently).
  • I have developed a lot of desktop Java Swing applications.

I know very well Linux (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle Linux and many others), Relational Databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle) and No SQL Databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, AuraDB, Neo4J).

I package my work using Maven or Gradle, using source code repositories on Subversion (svn) or and build Docker images. I like using Jenkins to make continuous integration and continuous deployment a reality.

When I do some work, it's always :

  • To simplify the businesses of my customers.
  • To create|develop|maintain apps for my customers.

You can contact/hire me using [email protected] only if :

  • You want to start a new Java Spring Boot webapplication.
  • You want to upgrade/modernize your Java Swing application to JavaFX or Java Spring Boot too.
  • You are okay to engage a pro developer and pay my bills of course, before I will work for you. I am not a starter, so if you want my workforce and some of my work time, it's not free and that's logical.

I am learning Python since some years too to make many things : data analysis, webapps, desktop apps. It's a cool language I like to use sometimes. Go and R and Rust are the next ones I will add soon. One at a time.

Have a great day and see you soon to help you in the web/software lands !

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