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customize Bibtex citation and bibliography
5 votes

Before studying how to customize bibliography styles either by creating own .bst files or changing to BibLaTex+biber I recommend looking through these bibliography styles here: http://www.mackichan....

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Using \footnotemark / \footnotetext trick for \footnote in \caption removes footnote number
2 votes

Another most easy method would be to just write the required number inside of the footnote, together with the footnote text: something like \footnotetext{$^{number}$ your usual footnote text.} . The ...

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Custom spacing of figure
1 votes

The problem was solved using \usepackage{float} and \begin{figure}[H]. The only things that were necessary were to play with the commands \vspace{} and \hspace{} to align the figure as wished.

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hyperref URL using BibTeX
0 votes

Answer to the first question: how can an URL in a note-entry be clickable? By using this command: note={\url{http://...}}

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