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God Must Be Crazy

The display picture I am using now is not me but my brother. :-)

I had a strange experience with some micro USB cables for my Android smartphone (Samsung). When I connected my smartphone to my computer Windows 10, the connection was unstable. "Connected" and "disconnected" status were repeatedly triggered every several seconds. I almost gave up because I could not learn Android programming on my real device. I also thought I have to buy a new smartphone with a newer API level.

Then I searched for this problem on the internet. The solution is never clear. Some tricks work only for some people but fails for others. I tried using my brother's cable that has a ferrite choke at one end that will be connected to a device. Now the problem is solved. I can deploy my Android apps to my real device.

I wonder whether the ferrite choke is the savior. Please let me know if you know the answer.

  • Why waste time learning when ignorance is instantaneous?
  • If you can clearly see a \path, you can be sure it’s someone else’s, not yours.
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  • The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

I often compare PSTricks to a Swiss Army knife: age-old, trusted, incredibly versatile, yet potentially mind boggling and full of pointy things that could really hurt me. However after digging deeply into it and knowing the knife safety rules, then I don't look for another pocketknife.

First of all please don't let my display name and picture fool you. I am a true good-looking and sexy idiot.

As an adult, I was called a lazy idiot. On any examinations I always got 0 out of 100. My parents had no idea that I have a learning disability until I found and that have changed my life.

Now I love mathematics, physics, and computer programming. In addition, I also love eating, sleeping, cleaning, laughing and bothering other people. Feel free to let me bother you!

My mother always says "you should learn not only from smart people but also from stupid ones thereby you know how the stupid ones think".

In order to appreciate your effort, I always vote your answer up no matter the correctness of your answer.

Here is the source code.

My PSTricks number is 2.

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Unlike learning martial arts, no computers will be injured as you learn to program.

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